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Lobbying & Advocacy

We want to improve Italian legislation on innovation and technology


We give represent italian innovators before decision makers and we work to improve Italian regulatory framework.

We act both at national and local level, with public institutions and other stakeholders: universities, research centres or trade associations.

Our lobbying and advocacy activities aim at achieving structural changes that foster innovation and research.

Lobbying & Advocacy


Spreading the culture of innovation


We want to spread the culture of innovation, so we plan activities to inform, raise awareness and promote the work of the Italian Tech Alliance, its members and those who work in the field of innovation.

We increase the visibility of the projects and initiatives of venture capitalists, start-ups, innovative companies and our supporting members to explain how innovation fuels the economy of the future.

We provide our members with a newsletter and reporting service to highlight business and innovation opportunities, to improve their visibility, accelerate their growth and bolster their entrepreneurial activities.



Working to strengthen the innovation ecosystem


A sense of belonging is the hallmark of any community. We work every day to build an inclusive environment, where everyone feels part of the whole ecosystem: startups and companies, investors and innovation professionals.

We organise networking events to encourage the exchange of experiences, information and knowledge.

The activities of the Italian Tech Alliance are organised in thematic groups, to give individual members the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the sector, share good practices and work on topics of interest.


Studies & Insights

We study to foster the development of new technologies and innovation


We prepare studies and analyses on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our partners make their expertise available to venture capital, corporate venture capital funds and start-ups.

We produce and spread reports, analyses and white papers on to the world of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

Studi & Approfondimenti


Italian Tech Alliance is a private, independent, non-profit association.

Our aim is to promote the development of Italian tech-companies and those who invest in them, and to raise the awareness of private and public stakeholders on the peculiarities of innovative start-ups and on their role in the economic and social growth of the country.


Specifically, Italian Tech Alliance:


  • Builds and maintains institutional relations to foster the activities of venture capital and start-ups in Italy;

  • Produces content about the tech-sector and communicates its most important initiatives;

  • Promotes the networking and exchange of experiences between the many actors of innovation: venture capital, entrepreneurs and professionals working in the tech sector;

  • Analyses and disseminates trends and developments that may affect the Italian innovation sector.

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